Hello. Thank you for looking at my blog!

I am 14, I live in England and I am home educated. I like felting, knitting, sewing and lots of other crafts :)


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am Cressida’s sister. I love the felted Nancy and Jasper Frances. I have felted knitted items sometimes on purpose sometimes by accident. I have never attempted needle felting. If I sent you photos could you make me ones of my two cats. I would of course pay for such fabulous cats.

  2. I am Cressida’s partner. I also like the work you’ve done on the miniature Jasper and Nancy (in many ways they are better than the full size ones). I have a giant guinea pig called Allan who lives in an outhouse in the yard. I know the orders are coming in thick and fast, but if you get time please could you make a miniature Alan for me. I’m thinking it would look good hanging from my car mirror. I will of course pay, even though I’m sure you Billy and Tighearnan should be paying me for all the hours I’ve had to spend in your company.

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